Notes from the Fringe: Pirates and Downton and Disco, oh my!

The cast of the Cabinet of Wonders.

The cast of the Cabinet of Wonders. Photo credit Erich Camping

As the festival winds down to the last days, just a quick recap of yesterday and a reminder of a few shows you’ll not want to miss.

The Steele Sisters

The Steele Sisters

Yesterday, my improv teammates Laura Fleming and Don Beechner joined me for the Steele Sisters at the Strong Museum of Play. We hit the 9 PM special pirate show. Well, actually, Don went to the earlier show and had so much fun he came back for more comedy, sword-fighting, and sisterly love.  The Steele Sisters’ run at the festival is done, so you’ll have to catch them on the Renaissance Festival circuit.

Music from Alexander Morgan provided the soundtrack to the Cabinet of Wonders show at this year's First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival. It was spellbinding.

The Cabinet of Wonders aerial dancer Emily Tucker

If you haven’t seen the Cabinet of Wonders, there are still seats available. I had time between shows last night so I snuck back in for the second half and was even more amazed by the comedy, beauty and talent. Really, this is a must-see. There’s a matinee on Saturday that’s appropriate for kids 5 and up, and last I heard if you used the promo code AMAZE at checkout you could save $5 a ticket. You can see more pics in this post at Rochester Subway or here on my blog.

The Silent Disco takes place Friday and Saturday at 11 PM.

The Silent Disco takes place Friday and Saturday at 11 PM.

Tonight, Laura and I, along with a bunch of other friends, are hitting up the silent disco. What’s that, you ask? Dancers don headphones and boogie to the music, while the bystanders hear silence and wonder what the heck is going on. Kind of how my life is on a regular day, when I’m moving to the music in my head. This sells out, so get your tickets to either tonight or tomorrow night’s event. It happens in the Speigelgarden.

Get ready for some dirty fun, ladies. Photo credit Erich Camping

Get ready for some dirty fun at Princess Wendy’s Late Night Tease Room.
Photo credit Erich Camping

If you’re up for a little risque humor, check out Princess Wendy’s Late Night Tease room. It’s more fun than a drunken bachelorette party. You can read more in this post.

Tomorrow night, darling husband and I are going to see Luke Kempner in Upside Downton at the Kilbourn Hall. What started as a YouTube video led to Luke Kempner being named “Best Newcomer” in the 2014 Awards. There are shows Friday and Saturday night.

Sinda Nicholas as Ann Landers

Sinda Nicholas as Ann Landers

If you haven’t seen The Lady With All The Answers, starring Sinda Nichols – I talked about meeting her earlier this week – there’s a show tonight and then one tomorrow morning at 11 AM. It’s at the RAPA School of the Arts.

Catch a movie under the stars at the Pedestrian Drive In.

Catch a movie under the stars at the Pedestrian Drive In.

And tomorrow night, there’s another Pedestrian Drive in, with ASL Film Night. All of the films contain American Sign Language. Enjoy a movie under the stars. It’s free!

There are dozens of shows going on in the next 48 hours, as well as two nights of music at the Gibbs Street stage, so check the official Fringe website for the whole schedule.

And if you’re worried, like I usually am, about going downtown and navigating the city streets or trying to find parking, have no fear. The venues are spread out across the downtown area, and I haven’t hit congestion yet. And I’ve also not paid for parking, because I’ve found places on the street. (The meters are free nights and weekends.) But there are plenty of parking lots charging $5 or $7, too (although they may jack that up for the weekend). But don’t let the possibility of a little traffic stop you from taking part in the last few days of the Fringe. On Sunday, the magic will be over and Main and Gibbs will be just another intersection, and the Spiegelgarden just another parking lot.

And one last plug: City Newspaper is currently holding their Best of Rochester contest. Make sure in the Best Local Book you vote for my friend Dan Kulp, whose book “Confounding The Wise” I had the honor of working on. It’s a beautiful and funny story of his amazing family. And in the categories of Best Local Website and Best Local Facebook, cast your ballots for My favorite local website, and I’m now a contributing writer.

You can find links to all of my posts from the Fringe here.


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