JoanneBrokawJoanne Brokaw is an award-winning writer, performer, teaching artist, and life & creativity coach. She brings to her practice almost 30 years of accomplishments in the field of arts and entertainment, along with her personal experiences battling fear, self-doubt, and crippling anxiety.

She strives to create safe spaces for people to explore,  experiment, and make mistakes in a low stakes/high support environment that fosters collaboration and play.

Her second book, “Suddenly Stardust: A Memoir (Of Sorts) About Fear, Freedom & Improv” (WordCrafts Press), is a quirky recounting of how improvisational theater changed her life.

For information on her upcoming classes, workshops, and events, or to inquire about one-on-one coaching, visit her at http://www.joannebrokaw.com.

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