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Improvisor, actor, and award-winning writer Joanne Brokaw spends her days dreaming of things she’d like to do but probably never will – like swimming with dolphins, cleaning the attic, and someday overcoming the trauma of elementary school picture day.

When she’s not writing, performing, or staring at the computer screen listening to the deadline clock tick, she’s leading improv workshops (click here to learn more) to help people of all ages push past fear, embrace creativity, and learn to play again.

As a freelance writer and columnist for close to 20 years, she’s penned pieces on a wide variety of topics for numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites across the US and in Canada. Her first book, “What The Dog Said,” is a collection of her humor and slice of life columns. Her second book, “Suddenly Stardust: A Memoir (Of Sorts) About Fear, Freedom & Improv”, is a quirky recounting of how improvisational theater changed her life.

Joanne is a member of the Focus Theater house improv team The Urge and the comedy trio Easily Amused. She’s the creator of the Ask Us Anything Booth, which she’s performed at the Rochester Fringe Festival as part of the duo, A Happy Accident Improv.

She lives in Rochester, NY, with two dogs, a cat, some chickens, and one very patient husband.

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