The chickens first venture outside

It’s about time for the chickens to venture out of the coop – the weather isn’t great, but just for kicks, I opened the door and waited to see what they’d do. The first to venture out to the “porch” was Lucy; those Polish chickens might not be great layers but they sure are adventurous.

David suggested that since he wasn’t coming home after work and we were going to be out for hours that night maybe it wasn’t a great day to experiment, just in case the hens didn’t go back into the coop at dark.

Good thinking, darling husband.

But I was curious so in the afternoon, I opened the door and left it open while I finished wrapping gifts, just to see what would happen. The answer? Nothing. The afternoon was much colder and when I went back out the girls were huddled under the heat lamps. No tracks in the snow, so I’m assuming they didn’t make it past the door.

Later in the day I went to Schallers to meet my mom and David gave me a very generous gift one of my readers left for The Joy Cluck Club. I love that name! The girls will now be called The Joy Cluck Club! And thank you very, very much!

Merry Christmas!

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