The Joy Cluck Club leaves the coop

I admit it: yesterday with David home I never even went outside: He took care of the dogs and he checked on the chickens while I stayed comfy in my jammies.

Today, I went out and realized the girls had no water. Oops, maybe I should have told David to check that!

But the weather is warm, albiet rainy and wet, and when I opened the coop door the girls were ready to go outside. I went to fill the water bucket and when I got back, Ethel was off the porch and down into the ground!

Ethel, the chicken who spends much of her time standing in the corner, who is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order, eating last, hanging out by herself. Ethel was the first chicken to take the risk of jumping down from the porch and into the big unknown.

Either she’s braver than I give her credit for, or she was pushed by the others so they could see what would happen if they actually left the safety of the coop.

In any event, the girls have free reign of the run today. They’ll be warm but muddy if they frolick around too much. But if I get the ambition, I’ll go out and clean out the coop and give them some fresh bedding.

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