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Me and my “disposable dog”

Bailey, the day I brought her home from the shelter, January 22, 2011. She was six weeks old.

13WHAM News did a story tonight on what they called “Disposable Dogs,” puppies and dogs that irresponsible backyard breeders keep producing and then bringing to the shelter. Sometimes it’s day old puppies; sometimes it’s the mother dogs who have been bred till they’re no longer useful and then dumped; sometimes it’s adult dogs people bring home and then turn over when they’re bored with them.

Reporter Jane Flasch said in the story that about 1028 pit bulls were euthanized in 2011 at Rochester Animal Services. I volunteered at RAS for a year – an experience I absolutely loved but also one that broke my heart every time I was there. (I only stopped volunteering when I had to get a real job, which lasted a few weeks. Then Scout got sick, Bailey and Bandit had their turn of events, and I wasn’t able to go back. But I digress.)

The report included not just interviews with people like Jenn Fedele, founder of Pitty Love Rescue – the story incorrectly identified Jenn as a breeder; she is most definitely not a breeder – but also photos taken in the tech rooms at RAS of dogs being euthanized.

Seriously, having just had to put my darling Scout to sleep after a battle with cancer, I did not need to see that. But maybe you did, so that you could understand how serious the problem is.

As I watched the story, one thing stood out: had Bailey not come home with me on January 22, 2011, she would have been one of those statistics. Continue reading

Scout gets to play some soccer with real soccer players

Today was the kick off for the next round of the ASPCA’s Shelter Challenge, and Rochester Animal Services hosted a little party in the park, with special guests from the WNY Flash women’s soccer team.

I headed down to take some pictures for the dog blog, and I debated bringing Scout. You know how much he loves to play soccer in the backyard, and how good he is with the ball. I thought he’d have some fun. But I also know how squirrely he gets in strange situations and crowds, and I didn’t want to overwhelm him in the heat, either. So I left him home.

When I got downtown, there wasn’t a big crowd (it’s hard to compete with opening day of Bills training camp). So I went home and got Scout.

I’m so glad I did! He was happy to get in the car, happy on the ride, and when we got there and he saw the soccer balls? In doggie heaven.

Forget about the people and the other dogs. All he saw was the ball. I dropped the leash, kicked him a ball, and away he went. Kaley Fountain of the WNY Flash spent some time with Scout running up and down the field and kicking the ball. A few times he looked to me as if to say, “This is OK, right?” Yup, it’s OK. Go, Scout, go! And then away he went.

If she had been up for it, I think he would have gone home with her.

Scout and Kaley Fountain from the WNY Flash

The girls had to take time for some photos with the shelter dogs, and then Scout went to play with the guys doing the soccer clinic. No kids? A dog will do.

It was a great day for my happy pup. I’d been worried since we found out he was sick that he might be prone to injury or something. But this week Dr. Hall said that she’d let him be a dog and not to worry.

You know, God really does take care of things, even our dogs. I know it seems silly to some people, but watching my pup out there running around made me so happy. I know God cares about him even more than I do and I’m glad his last days – if these even are his last days; I think he’ll be here till Christmas – are filled with the things he loves.

Help Rochester Animal Services win in the ASPCA $100K Shelter Challenge!

In an effort to help save more cats and dogs in US animal shelters, the ASPCA is again hosting its second annual ASPCA $100K Challenge. And our own Rochester Animal Services has made it to the next qualifying round! They’re the only local shelter participating in the challenge this year, so get ready to help them win by voting every day between April 4 and April 15. Continue reading

Fun in the sun at Copapalooza 2010

Copapalooza 2010 at Cobbs Hill Park is a great day for first responders and their families

I volunteered for a shift at the Rochester Animal Services table at Copapalooza, the annual event for first responders at Cobbs Hill Park.

They didn’t need me at the table, so my sister, my daughter and I spent hours just hanging out, checking out the nifty police and fire vehicles, chatting with friends, checking out the Marine helicopters, and generally having some fun.

It’s a great event that gives a day out for first responders and their families. There was 5K run, a motorcyle run, a donut eating contest (honest!) and lots of baseball games pitting various agencies from Western NY and even Canada against each other for some friendly rivalry.

Here are some pics from the event: Continue reading

Volunteering is better than a part time job

This is Chex. She's the sweetest dog you can ever imagine. And she loves going for walks. I mean really, who can resist that face? What's another 15 minutes volunteering so she can get out for a stroll.

I woke up this morning with a headache, probably from the MSG in the food I ate last night at the Japanese steakhouse. Yummy, but headachy.

My back also hurt. I was cranky. And at 9:30, when I was supposed to leave for the shelter where I volunteer on Fridays, I really just wanted to have another cup of tea and go back to be for an hour.

I’d already been down to the shelter twice this week. I’d heard we got in a bunch of dogs, so on Wednesday I went to go take pictures for the BarkAroundTown.com blog, but ended up walking dogs – including one I kinda fell in love with. Her name is Chex (that’s her shelter name) and she’s an 8 month old Pit Bull/Lab mix. Soooo sweet.

So on Thursday I went back to see her and take her for a walk. I couldn’t get into the room with her run because they were being cleaned, so I walked some other dogs and then took her out for a nice long walk and snuggle time.

Which is why by this morning my back is killing me. I still haven’t recovered from whatever I did to it a few weeks ago when I ended up flat on my back for days. And two days walking dogs – and then entertaining my own furry balls of energy – has taken its toll. Continue reading

Kittens at the shelter (video)


I went over to the shelter this morning to learn how to take photos of the cats so that I can hopefully lend a hand once in a while. I say “hopefully” because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’m often more of a hinderance than a help to the folks at RAS. Thank goodness everyone is so patient with me.

I think I got the computer stuff down OK; I took good notes. But as for the photos? All I can say is that it’s going to take me a while to figure out how to open a cat cage, get the cat to sit still, then take a photo and not have anyone escape.

I opened one cage and while I was trying to snap a photo of one kitten, it’s companion leapt over my head out of the cage and onto my back. Across the aisle in another cage, a kitten reached out and batted all of the paperwork out of the holders and onto the floor.

These two kittens in this video cracked me up. The black kitty is high on catnip, I think, because he was going nonstop the whole time I was there. He’d reach out with both paws and grab anything that went in front of the cage – people, paper, you name it. If he could have squeezed his head through the bars he would have been out. Both kittens are just a few weeks old.

The white kitten seems so mild mannered, but watch what happens when he catches sight of the black kitten’s tail. It’s almost like he doesn’t know it’s connected to the kitten that was just all over him. He reached out. And then whomp! Wrestling match.

I wish we could set up a kitty cam, because it’s hilarious watching the kittens.

Nevada Humane Society "Adoption Dance" video celebrates a dog's new home

Picking up on the YouTube phenomenon “JK Wedding Dance” video, the folks at the Nevada Humane Society have created their own dance – celebrating dog adoption!

The Nevada Humane Society is a no-kill shelter with programs “designed to address the needs of all animals — and to provide support, education, and assistance for all the people that care about them.”

You can learn more on the website for the Nevada Humane Society.

And if you’re looking for a pet in Rochester, why not visit Rochester Animal Services, the shelter for the City of Rochester? There are lots of cats and dogs available for adoption. Visit the shelter’s website or stop in at 184 Verona Street, at the corner of Brown St, near Frontier Field.