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Me and my “disposable dog”

Bailey, the day I brought her home from the shelter, January 22, 2011. She was six weeks old.

13WHAM News did a story tonight on what they called “Disposable Dogs,” puppies and dogs that irresponsible backyard breeders keep producing and then bringing to the shelter. Sometimes it’s day old puppies; sometimes it’s the mother dogs who have been bred till they’re no longer useful and then dumped; sometimes it’s adult dogs people bring home and then turn over when they’re bored with them.

Reporter Jane Flasch said in the story that about 1028 pit bulls were euthanized in 2011 at Rochester Animal Services. I volunteered at RAS for a year – an experience I absolutely loved but also one that broke my heart every time I was there. (I only stopped volunteering when I had to get a real job, which lasted a few weeks. Then Scout got sick, Bailey and Bandit had their turn of events, and I wasn’t able to go back. But I digress.)

The report included not just interviews with people like Jenn Fedele, founder of Pitty Love Rescue – the story incorrectly identified Jenn as a breeder; she is most definitely not a breeder – but also photos taken in the tech rooms at RAS of dogs being euthanized.

Seriously, having just had to put my darling Scout to sleep after a battle with cancer, I did not need to see that. But maybe you did, so that you could understand how serious the problem is.

As I watched the story, one thing stood out: had Bailey not come home with me on January 22, 2011, she would have been one of those statistics. Continue reading


A little puppy love looking for a home

Puppy love

This weekend, we took in a foster puppy. You can read the whole story on the Bark Around Town blog, but trust me. It’s one snuggly, barking, peeing bundle of fun.

Bailey is a 6 wk. old Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix who was brought to the shelter because her owner was trying to dump … er, find homes … for two pups left from a litter. That the pups shouldn’t have been leaving their mother at 6 wks. goes without saying. For responsible dog owners.

One volunteer took a pup for her brother, who wanted a Pit Bull pup. I took the other to foster while Pitty Love looks for a home.

She’s a beautiful dog, and my hope is that Scout and Bandit can help her learn how to be a good dog. Well, Scout can anyway. Hopefully Bandit doesn’t teach her how to eat from the fridge or lick dishes from the kitchen sink.

If you’re looking for a pup, maybe Bailey is waiting for you! Here are more pics:

Bailey and Bandit, snuggled on the couch


Look how little Bailey is next to Scout!

Bailey is one snuggly puppy

Our dogs are little worm factories

A month or so ago our neighbors got a puppy. While Scout and Bandit and I were out for a walk the dogs were understandably interested in sniffing every inch of the sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s house. But Bandit actually swallowed a mouthful of poop before I even realized what he’d done.

Fast forward to last week – both of my dogs had diarrhea.  I gave them a bland diet for a few days and things improved, but yesterday Bandit’s diarrhea returned, and today so did Scout’s.

I suspected worms.

When I saw my neighbor I casually asked how her puppy’s first vet visit had gone. I had a hunch my dogs’ diarrhea was connected to Bandit eating the puppy poop. Puppies are notorious for having worms, so I wasn’t surprised when my neighbor confirmed that, yup, the puppy had worms. 

I took a sample of Bandit’s poop to the vet, and even though it didn’t show any worms the vet suggested we treat them both. We know the puppy next door has worms, and we know Bandit ate her poop.  But the dogs are also nose to nose at the wire fence; it’s very easy for a dog to spread worms by walking on infected poop or dirt, and when another dog sniffs or licks the dog’s paws, viola. Worms.

We’ve had a worm problem with Bandit ever since we’ve had him. Ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, again and again. He eats everything, so taking him for a walk is almost a guarantee that he’ll bring something home.

Scout and Bandit – loveable companions but furry little worm factories.