The Power of Creativity (And Breakfast For Dinner)


There’s a moment in season one, episode eight of “WandaVision,” when Agnes (played by Kathyrn Hahn) and Wanda (played by Elizabeth Olsen) are engaged in a fierce battle of magical power. (I’m trying not to give anything away.) After revealing a secret about Wanda’s true identity, Agnes chides her with this line:

“You’re supposed to be a myth, a being capable of spontaneous creation. And here you are making breakfast for dinner.”

I know almost nothing about Marvel comics or these characters (which didn’t stop me from enjoying the show). But the condescension that drips from Agnes’s voice as she throws this line out to Wanda hit me right in my creative gut.

I believe we’re all created beings.  Maybe that creation is through the lens of religion or or science or reincarnation or the twinkle in your parents’ eyes, but the simple fact is that one moment you didn’t exist and then bam! You did.

I believe that also means we’re all part of the creative process, which existed before us and will continue after we’re gone. We are created and therefore posses the power of creation. The question is: How are you using your power?

Is your creative exploration sending ripples throughout the universe? Are you building new worlds with words? Capturing life in oil on canvas? Stirring the global atmosphere with dance? Solving problems with innovative thinking?  Are you harnessing that power to feed the world with beauty and imagination and awareness and connection and adventure and justice and peace?

Or are you going through life content making breakfast for dinner?

There’s nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner. Sometimes it’s exactly what we need, especially when we’re not sure what else to make.  But if you believe that’s the extent of your creative powers, then, like Wanda, it’s time to discover your creative true identity.

Maybe you understand your potential but have just lost enthusiasm for the journey. I spend my days talking about creativity and helping other people tap into their potential.  Breakfast for dinner is what I serve up when I’m tired or distracted, when I’ve given the best part of  myself to others and have just enough energy left to crack an egg. That’s when I start to doubt my capabilities, and before long everything else starts to suffer and the world goes from technicolor back to gray and white.

I’d encourage you today to experiment with your power of creation, whether it’s the first baby steps on the journey or just to refresh yourself. Pick up that old journal and write something, even if it’s just your shopping list. Make crappy sketches on the back of envelopes. Turn on some music and whirl around in your living room. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  If it feels silly, you’re doing it right.

You can also participate in my Exquisite Collaborative Project, a poem created when people from around the world each contribute a few lines without knowing what the others have contributed. Here’s this month’s prompt.

I’d also invite you to join me for my monthly Recharge Your Creativity workshops. They’re free, informal, and high support; the prompts change monthly.

I’m off to dance around in my yard under the budding maples and chirping birds. If you hear screeching, it’s just me singing.



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