Exquisite Collaboration Poem: Our Hope For The New Year

Earth sunrise greets astronauts aboard the International Space Station; taken Apr. 8, 2015. Courtesy NASA free images.

a note on the final poem of 2020:

For this final exquisite collaboration project of 2020, almost 40 people from around the world contributed one sentence expressing a hope for the new year. These sentences were then sorted to create the following poem that, despite everyone contributing independently of each other, echoed common themes of peace, health, and the desperate desire to hug again.

I want to thank everyone who participated in these poems this year. Facilitating these gave me a creative purpose during the pandemic lockdown and put into action what has been my writing motto for more than 20 years:

Connect. Inspire. Change the world.

May your 2021 overflow with all things beautiful, and may we have many more opportunities to create magic together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

our collective hope for the new year

my hope for the new year is that we start the awkward climb upwards
that this year we will re-learn how to have conversations that don’t include the word ‘covid’
a world more wrapped in peace than strife
a sparkling unicorn to ride to target on tuesdays

my hope for the new year is universal respect for the precious value of all human life
that science, logic and reason will prevail and lead us to health, civility and peace
my hope is to see more of my grandchildren
to learn to be a father

empathy needs to rise as a phoenix from its comatose state, after the regime beat it senseless with half the nation approving
my hope is that the sacrifices my ancestors made coming to this country won’t be in vain
we will find life in the simplest moments, peace in the fiercest storms, and a renewed sense of commitment to one another
that all humanity will band together in a world community effort to help heal each other and our mother earth
for everyone to have the freedom to move about the world
non-virtual hugs

a beefeater martini, up, with a twist, very, very dry – every wednesday night at donnelly’s
health, healing, holiness, and hearty laughter
the warmth of family and friends, the touch of hands and hearts, the wonder of feeling your cheek against mine
good health, less worry, more joy, less conflict, and consistent gratitude for all
hugs. friend hugs, more than friend hugs, acquaintance hugs. hugs
that i won’t be this late again

my hope for the new year is that the world learned something, anything, from 2020 and becomes wiser for it
for all to be healthy and learn to live in peace
we will be proud of our scars, but forget the wounds
i hope to do my part to see the true you more
reunions while rejoicing in remaking our lives
seeing full face smiles and crinkly eyes
at last, it’s safe to hug

deeper and deeper into the eye of calm amidst all those crazy surface noisy chaos and arrows
that gravity holds and the sun does not flicker out
that we use the pain and disappointment of 2020 to cultivate a better future
the ability to hug my friends

i hope to find hope in the new year, to learn again to welcome each day with joy instead of dread
that my next-door neighbor defies the odds to win his battle against cancer
that my husband’s heart health will remain strong and steady
my hope for the 2021 is … love, human contact, health for everyone… a hug

may the world’s burdens lift under a bright new sky, the shine return to countless shadowed eyes, and music tend to the soul
sunrises announcing that hunger, hatred, illness, and pain are just memories now. stories of before will begin, “there once was a terrible time, and now it is over… would you like to hear the rest of the tale?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the poets

Jack L.
Sheryl H
Janet Coburn
Kay Ross
Lori B. Duff
Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper
Yvonne DiVita
Judy Weatherbee
Jane S.
Miriam Lerner
Teri Foltz
Mickey Cherry
Robin Murphy
Leslie Millenson
Nancy Purdy
Sue A. Fairchild
Sam Cardamone
Jill Marie Thomas
Crystal Hayduk
Justin Rielly
Mindy Wells Hoffbauer
Karen Ward
Paula K. Parker
Janet L. Pierce
Kathy Ann Morris
Martha Oduffy
Joe Rupinski

our poets hailed from across the u.s. and around the world:

Hong Kong
Loganville GA
New Jersey
Bangor, Maine, USA
Vero Beach, FL
Geneseo, NY
New York
Rochester, NY, USA
Lewisburg, PA
Springboro, Ohio, USA
United Kingdom
Rochester, NY
Pittsburgh PA
Canandaigua, NY

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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