Exquisite Quarantine Poem: JOY

Molly Stevens Joy
“Welcome Sun” by Molly Stevens. Used with permision.


I laughed out loud with
the sudden knowing,
We all have a heart.’
… Do I tell them?

A secret is important to keep, but in this case,
I feel like it’s somehow written all over my face.
Or could it be telltale cookie crumbs stuck to my lip?
Proof I devoured our quarantine stash—choc chip!

I knew I should have confessed first –
yet we all know the thrill of imagining we can escape undiscovered
I live with the knowledge that if I could turn back time
I’d totally do it again

Except maybe this time I’d wear a disguise.
A detectives hat and a monocle!
It gives the air of authority.
Then maybe I’d get away with it.

*     *     *     *     *     *

The first person was given the prompt JOY as inspiration, and instructed to write four lines of free verse. The other contributors added the same and got to see only the last line of what the previous writer penned.

–  Rick Hughson “Oh dear…”
-Stephanie Lewis is wondering if should we be on lockdown or locked up? Onceuponyourprime.com
– Miriam Lerner is a sign language interpreter, currently working from home, trying not to eat and drink too much…with intermittent success.
– April M. has been practicing isolation since before it was cool and is having adventures at home with her kitty side kick, Inari.

Molly Stevens is a retired nurse who has adjusted well to isolation, especially since she adopted a rubber chicken as a pet. https://www.shallowreflections.com

Click here to learn how you can take part in the Exquisite Quarantine Poem project.

*     *     *     *     *     *

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