A dream of two lions, a tiger, and a visit from the muses

Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay

Last night, I dreamed that I was … well, I’m not sure where I was but it was a room in a house I didn’t recognize. There was a door from the back of the house into this room and a door in this room that went out the front of the house. There were people in the room, no one I can specifically recognize, but I seem to remember a maroon couch that I was either standing on or near.

And at one point in this otherwise nondescript dream, a tiger walked in through the back door, silently and in no particular hurry, and walked past me as he made his way through the room and out the front door.  I felt his fur gently brush my skin and felt warmth radiating from his body.

I stood frozen in place as he passed, and when he was gone I said out loud, “A TIGER just walked through the room. Did anyone else see that?” Some people nodded like it was nothing exciting. Some people hadn’t even seen it. For everyone else, it was a non-event.

A bit later – because it’s a dream and I don’t remember what else was happening or how long it took – two lions came into the room. Except they didn’t just walk through. The first one came right up to me, sniffing me the way a dog might sniff a visitor to your house, and then settled herself near my feet as the other lion padded over and also gave me a once over. And then he started licking me. My feet, my legs, my hands. He gnawed softly on my shin and gently, but with intention, butted my side with his enormous head.

As with the tiger, I could feel their fur, could feel the heat from both of the beasts and smell the faint odor of animal, and I was frozen in place by their sheer power as it pressed against the air in the room.

These lions were not necessarily friends. It was clear to me, if not to anyone else, that they were dangerous predators there to investigate me and, if I was found wanting, would have gladly devoured me in a heartbeat.

This time, everyone else in the room was as frozen as I was because, apparently, two lions hanging out are more interesting than one tiger just passing through.

After what felt like an eternity in dream time, the lions both stood, looked me in the eye, and then sauntered out through the front door like the royalty of the jungle that they are.

As they disappeared over the threshold, someone in the room whispered, “That was a fucking LION.”

“No,” I replied aloud. “That was TWO fucking lions.”

And then I woke up.

* * * * *

I believe that we all receive messages in dreams, that the muses, the spirits, the universe, God all speak to us when our waking defenses are down, because often that’s the only time that we’re able – or willing – to hear them.

So what does this dream mean?

I think I was visited by the muses in preparation for a project they’re going to send my way.

For some years I’ve been really taken with the notion that our creativity exists outside of ourselves, that we call to it and it to us, and that if we are open and willing portals the creative gods will use us to birth their ideas.

This was before I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” or Stephen Pressfield’s “The War of Art” (both essential books for writers or other creatives, in my opinion), before I knew about the ancient idea of being visited by a genius vs being a genius. It started with improv and the concept of group mind, so really that idea probably was planted in college, when I studied psychology and the connectedness of the collective unconsciousness – which I’m probably not even referencing in the correct way because it’s been 100 years since college. But you get the picture.

In short: I believe I was visited last night to see if I would first, notice the idea when it was in the room, even if everyone else ignored it (because I believe that we need to be faithful in the small things before we’re trusted with the big ones) and second, be open to a dangerous partner who, if I insisted in wrestling into submission instead of letting it lead, might actually tear me apart (because two lions aren’t going to waste their time with a ‘fraidy cat).

Yes, my friends. This is what embracing your stardust will do to you. These are the ideas that the muses visit upon you. These are the adventures you will be asked to embark upon.

Are you willing?

Creative fear will not leave you but you will learn to tame the fear so that you can dance with dangerous ideas, even as they gnaw on your bones while you stand frozen in place, awestruck that you have been chosen.

UPDATE: I had another dream with the tiger, lion, and lioness:

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