And the next book is …

Mt. Hope Cemetery, October 2014 (c) Joanne Brokaw

Mt. Hope Cemetery, October 2014 (c) Joanne Brokaw

As regular readers of the blog know, for some time now I’ve been fascinated with Mt. Hope Cemetery – the geography, the peace, the history, walking the dogs there. It’s spurred my own genealogical research but also research into some mysteries and murders, locals ties to national stories, interesting stories about everyday people and just random weirdo stories.

I’ve blogged about my adventures in the cemetery and I’ve always been surprised by the number of people who are as fascinated as I am with the things I uncover.

Well, if that’s you, then you’ll be happy to know that my next book is a go, and it’s going to be about people buried at Mt. Hope! It’ll be published once again by Wordcrafts, whom I adore working with.

The book will include some of the everyday women I’ve blogged about, including Emma Moore, Sarah Bardwell and Charlotte Fiske; people you surely know, like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass and John Jacob Bausch and Capt. Henry Lomb  (Bausch & Lomb); people you may not know but should, because you’ve probably used their products if you’ve ever driven a car, sent a telegram or dissected a frog; and people whose stories tie into national headlines, from the Greeley Expedition to the Titanic.

It’ll be more than just a collection of biographies; I’ll be inserting myself into the stories as I share how I came to fall in love with this historical gem. And yes, you’ll read about my own foibles and adventures. Like the time I slid down a giant muddy hill on my arse while trying to find a grave for one of Buffalo Bill Cody’s children. (Yes, I said Buffalo Bill Cody. And yes, I found it.) Or the time I had the only creepy experience I’ve had in the cemetery, while talking to one of the people buried there. (You’ll have to wait for that one to find out who and what happened.) I may even take you with me on some of my research treks in Rochester, from the historic Charlotte lighthouse to the downtown park where Emma Moore’s body was discovered. (If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I may have found the spot but I’ve considered asking a local psychic to help me confirm it; you’ve heard about her for so long, I wonder if she’d be willing to take part in the conversation.)

The book is tentatively slated to be done next summer. I’ve been occasionally sharing bits of interesting trivia or clippings from the local papers on my writing Facebook page, so may sure you “like” the page.

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