Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy YouTube challenge – and some thoughts on bad parenting

Halloween was only a few days ago, and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel issued his annual challenge to viewers: take a video of the reactions your kids give when you tell them you ate all of their Halloween candy.

I admit that it’s pretty funny to see the look of disbelief on the faces of these kids. But as I watched kid after kid after kid throw temper tantrums, I was left with one thought.

What the hell is wrong with parents?

Are we raising a generation of kids so self absorbed that their world comes to an end because their candy – which is so readily available that it can be replaced in one trip to the grocery store – was eaten by their parents?

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that these kids are so disrespectful of their parents that they’d shout, cry, scream, throw chairs, curse and otherwise turn into raging little monsters?

Thankfully, there were several children who, while disappointed, had more measured responses, like the little girl who replied, “We’ll get some more next time” and, my favorite, the boy who, while clearly upset, assured his mother that it was fine. And then hugged her.

Why would parents be so eager to torment their kids, and then video tape it and show the world? It’s embarrassing for the kids, and frankly should be for the adults. Seriously? You want the world to know your kids talk to you that way?

Are these kids really the future of America? Or has it just been so long since my own daughter was a child that I’ve forgotten how kids react to stuff they don’t like? Maybe it’s the latter, but I can tell you this: my kid never said, “, “F*ck you, mother f*cker” to my face.


One response to “Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy YouTube challenge – and some thoughts on bad parenting

  1. I agree with you. It’s pretty shocking.

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