50 thoughts on turning 50: #14 We are not alone

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This one harkens back to one of my first posts, “We’re just frosting on the cake“, where I talked about the vastness of the universe and the impossibility of man to know what’s beyond our own universe, making the case for God.

I’ve learned over the years that questioning other life in space is just part of believing in an infinite eternity. If you can believe a Supreme Being – God – spoke the world into being, then it only makes sense that there’s more out there than we can observe or even contemplate. Life on other planets? Why not? Maybe, as someone once said to me, there’s a planet where they got this whole thing right.

This post is part of my series, “50 thoughts on turning 50″. Read more here.


2 responses to “50 thoughts on turning 50: #14 We are not alone

  1. Thoughts on life on other planets. This is also another way the world view & Satan wants to take away our focus on God toward thinking about Aliens on other planets. Back-to-the-future, and focus on what God has made for us on Earth and Heaven.
    Why would Aliens want to be corrupted by earthly problems (famine, war, etc) anyway?

  2. I’ve been a reader of science fiction since I was 10 (I’m 61 now). I don’t think anything is impossible. Perhaps even alternate worlds and alternate universes. We may be “not alone” here in ways we can’t even imagine.

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