A little Valentine’s story

I mused on Facebook today about Valentine’s Day and thought I’d share it here, since you know how I’m such a romatic and all …

Once upon a time, all of the women without significant others felt worthless because they were without significant others, and all of the women with significant others put pressure on their significant others to do outrageously expensive things to make them feel significant, and everyone fretted and worried and spent money they didn’t have and had sex they didn’t want to have just to try and make each other feel significant. Then everyone woke up the next day and went on with their lives. The end.

On a serious note … Why waste the pretty worrying about your relationship status today, just because the greeting card companies want you to? Live, love, drink wine, eat chocolate, hug your dog, then get up tomorrow and change the world. You don’t need a significant other to do any of that.


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