My own little Lottie and it’s a long way to Tipperary

It’s been an eventful few weeks here at the Funny Farm as I trace my family tree. Not only was I able to find the birthplace of my great, great, great grandfather John Maloney in Ireland – Tipperary! – I also discovered that my great, great grandmother Annie Larkin Maloney’s had a niece was named Charlotte  Mountain – or, as the family called her, Lottie. (It was inevitable, wasn’t it, since it was a Lottie that started this whole mess.)

Annie’s sister Margaret – or Jennie, as the family called her, married a man named Edward Mountain. Lottie was one of their daughters. These people are so distant from me, time-wise; Charlotte Mountain was born in 1893. But they seem so real to me the more I get to know them. It’s like having a whole neighborhood living inside my head.

That’s the latest on my family tree – what are some interesting things you’ve been learning about your family?



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