Window shopping with my sister, Colt and Sig

Some women go window shopping for shoes. Today, my sister and I went window shopping for something waaaay more fun. They had these in my size:

My sister is an NRA certified handgun instructor, so it was fun to go and have her explain guns, and have Mark at Beikirchs show me all sorts of nifty weapons and answer my stupid questions. I felt very comfortable after handling several that I could comfortably carry and use one – I like the Sig; it felt comfortable in my hand, it’s small enough that I think I can carry it in my pocket or a holster while I”m out walking, and I’d definitely feel safer taking the dog out into the wood hiking around.

It took me 2+ hours when I got home to find my pistol permit. Now all I have to do is save up my pennies.

Until then, anybody up for doing a personal defense class with me? My sister can teach it – we can have some fun and learn how to hit an intruder in his trachea and make him go away. Then we can learn about guns. šŸ™‚


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