A “hydrant” kind of day

Sometimes you know the minute you roll out of bed that it’s going to be “one of those days.” This morning, I should have stayed in bed.

Not that anything tragic or horrible happened. It was just one of those dreary, frustrating days when you’re reminded that sometimes you’re the dog and sometimes you’re the hydrant.

Today, I’m feeling like a hydrant.

I tried, for example, to clean the house. When I’m bothered by the mess, disorganization, and dirt, you know things have reached a crisis stage. I started in the living room, dusting the ceiling fans, bookshelves, tv, etc. and then hauling all of the afghans down to the laundry, shaking out the throw rugs and dog beds.

In the 49 minutes I attempted to clean, I dealt with incessent barking, a tug of war with the broom and swiffer dusters, the discovery and subsequent shredding of toys found under the couch, a heated and very intense dog fight, several trips in and out with the dogs, and about 20# of dirt that was once trapped under a throw rug and is now spread in the living room from ceiling to floor.

Time to call it a day.

The dog fight is what sent me over the edge. It was my own fault. In an attempt to get the dogs to settle down a bit so I could at least sweep up the dirt, I gave them treats in Kongs. I put them in separate rooms. Except because of his upset stomach, Scout got peanut butter while Bandit and Bailey got frozen dog food.

Scout finished first, and while I noticed him sitting in the kitchen door watching I didn’t realize that he’d been giving Bailey the evil eye while she chewed her Kong. When she noticed, and I realized what was about to happen, it was too late. Scout had given her the barred teeth, and rather than get up and move with her Kong, she stood up, faced him square in the face, and went after him.

To be honest, I didn’t have the energy to break it up. I tried our “interruption cue” – ha ha. I sprayed them with water. Nothing. I tried to get a chair in between them. Bailey did not let up. I think Scout fought back at first but even when he said “Uncle!” Bailey kept after him. At the end, I had Bailey by the scruff of her neck and her behind, and she had latched onto Scout’s neck so hard I couldn’t separate them, even though he was desperately trying to get away. It’s a good thing Scout is mostly fur.

I should know better than to give Kong treats unless everyone is in a crate. I thought I was watching closely enough, but close only counts in horseshoes.

I have an opportunity to do a private lesson in a few weeks with Suzanne Clothier, an internationally renowned trainer who’ll be in town for a seminar that weekend. The problem is that I’m supposed to be in Florida for a wedding on the day of the lessons. I’ve debated not going to Florida so I can take advantage of the opportunity. I’d been feeling fine about leaving the dogs with David but after today I’m wondering if maybe I ought to take the chance to get some expert help in what is becoming a desperate situation.

So when it’s all said and done, I got nothing accomplished and actually took a few steps backwards with the dogs.

PS: about two minutes after I hit “publish” on this post, I opened my email to see that I was the featured pet blogger at PetPR.com. I knew I was going to be featured but I’d forgotten. That was a nice way to cap off another wise frustrating day! Thanks, Carol!

2 responses to “A “hydrant” kind of day

  1. I aim to please. What’s the saying, “sometimes we’re the windshield, sometimes we’re the bug” lol

    Have a good evening and go take a nice long bubble bath without Kongs lol

    • I’d love to take a bath without Kongs, but unfortunately Bailey has fallen in love with the bathtub. Sometimes I’m evenjoined in the shower by a puppy. So a bubble bath probably wouldn’t be that relaxing, LOL! I may head to my old standby: the grocery story. 🙂

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