A bloody mystery solved

We’ve had a bloody mystery on our hands the last week or so. We’ve found a small  pool of blood drips in the bathroom and then blood in the dog’s water bowl. After giving the dogs all a once over and eliminating them one by one based on who had access to what rooms at the time, I narrowed it down to Murphy the cat or Scout.

Murphy didn’t appear to have any problems,but he was sitting over the water bowl when I found the blood in it. But given Scout’s current medical status (and the fact that he seemed to have some dried blood in one nostril) I assumed it was him.

Obviously the fact that Scout has cancer makes it a little scary. So I took him to see our reliable vet, Dr. Hawkins. She checked his lymph nodes (not noticably larger than before; yay for the Prednisone!) and did some blood work. One concern was that maybe his platelets were low. But ta da! Scout’s in great health! Except for something in his liver numbers, which is completely due to the Prednisone, and even then she said it wasn’t that bad, his blood work was perfect. For a dog who was given 30 days to live back in May, he’s doing great.

She told me to keep an eye on the other dogs, because it was possible one of them was bleeding. So the mystery was unsolved. Until today.

Scout was out in the backyard having a wild barking romp at the neighbor mowing the lawn. When I went out to lure him inside, I could see that his mouth was covered in bright red blood. While the blood seemed to be mostly in his mouth, I suspect it is because he was licking his bleeding nose.

So now we wait to see what Dr. Hawkins thinks is the next step. It’s kind of scary, because I forget that Scout is actually, really sick. Canine lymphona. Diagnosed by an oncologist and everything. But he’s gained weight, he’s acting fine – even when his nose was bleeding he was romping around like a wild animal with Bailey and Bandit – and if you didn’t know he was sick, you wouldn’t believe it. I have a hard time believing it.

Hopefully this is something simple and non-life threatening. I’ll keep you posted!


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