Thankful we left BlogPaws early

Had we stayed for the last day of BlogPaws, this is what we would have driven through from Washington to Rochester.

As Bandit and I headed out of the hotel yesterday morning, I was still on the fence about leaving BlogPaws early. I knew I’d leave on Saturday; that much was clear. But I wasn’t sure if 7 AM was too early. I considered staying for the morning sessions and leaving after lunch.

As I walked through the lobby, I mentioned my dilemma to another attendee, who said, “You need to get out of here as soon as you can so you can stay ahead of the storm.” So we did.

We had a clear, uneventful drive home. A few sprinkles in Maryland, some rain in Pennsylvania (which made me glad we weren’t driving in rain the whole way), very little traffic (not even much traffic as we passed the Little League International World Series). The only problem we encountered was when we got home: I’d forgotten to pay the cable bill for the last two months and it was shut off. Oops. No TV.

As I woke up this morning and checked the weather, I realized that I absolutely made the right decision to leave yesterday. Had I stayed until after lunch, I would have hit increasing rain and wind on the way home. And this morning, the tail end of Hurricane Irene was still blasting my travel path. Just look at the 8 AM map from – my path from Washington to Rochester would have followed the western path of the storm the entire way home.

Even if we’d left Saturday afternoon, we would have hit the leading edge of the storm. Of course, we could have just stayed in the hotel for days and had a wild advenure. But I think just driving to Washington and having two days of fun was enough adventure for a first-time Mommy and Bandit road trip team.


One response to “Thankful we left BlogPaws early

  1. SOOOOO glad you are home safe; God does answer my prayers! Glory!

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