BlogPaws update – we’re home!

We had some kinda fun on this trip, didn't we Bandit?

Considering that I was at a blogging conference, you’d think I would have blogged about the travel down to Washington, the day and a half there, the dilemma about staying or getting out of town ahead of Hurricane Irene, and the trip home.

Nope, I’ll let Bandit do that.

Over on his blog, Bandit has posted some photos from the first two days (Day One and Day Two) and he’ll have more tomorrow. But we are home. After much debate and watching the Weather Channel, Bandit and I decided that we’d get out early and avoid traveling Saturday night or Sunday during the day in rain or bad weather. I was on the fence about leaving even as I was walking through the lobby. But in the end, I think we made the right decision.

More BlogPaws later – or really, more about my adventure with Bandit, which is really what this trip was about.


5 responses to “BlogPaws update – we’re home!

  1. So glad you made it home safely; I was thinking and praying for you dear sistah!

  2. I was thinking about you the whole weekend, LOL! I miss having hotel adventures in Nashville with you!! And you would have loved this: I spread out all over the entire hotel room, with a cooler and bags of goodies and food. And Bandit had the bed by the wall!! 🙂
    hugs and love!! Miss you!

  3. Okay, you’re on my bucket list to visit you in Rochester! My son is looking at NYU for the Fall 2012; any connections there? Hugs and love back-at-ya!

  4. No problem! But, let’s wait-and-see if he gets accepted.

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