BlogPaws, earthquakes and hurricanes – oh my!

BlogPaws or bust!

Tomorrow afternoon – or this afternoon, if you’re reading this on Wednesday – Bandit and I head south to Washington, DC for the annual BlogPaws conference.

So far we’ve had $1200 in repairs to the dogmobile, an earthquake in our destination city, and I hear today that Hurricane Irene is headed for DC on Sunday, the day we’re supposed to leave for home.

Ask for adventure, and you get it, I guess.

The good news is that by driving I have a lot of flexibility to leave early if the weather really is looking like it might be a problem. And my dad lives right on the route home; in fact, we’re staying overnight on the way down just for fun.

And I’m so glad I’m not flying standby this time. Even though the earthquake only stopped flights for a short time, even a blip can cause a ripple effect of cancelled flights and bumped passengers, and standby ends up being sitting around waiting … and waiting.

So Bandit and I are all ready to hit the road. This is a BIG adventure for me. Bandit even got a bath. The car is packed, business cards are here, suitcases packed.

Scout and Bailey are going to be looked after by darling husband with some help from our neighbors. I’m a little worried about Scout; he’s been having a little upset pooping problems the last week. I forget that he’s actually, truly sick, so I hope this is just a minor and temporary setback.

Anyway, you can keep up with Bandit and I on our blogs – here and on Bandit’s blog. And a HUGE thanks goes out to my mom and sister, who sent money (and $62 in winning lottery scratch offs; that’s a full tank of gas!). I literally would not be able to make this trip without the financial help. Which I hate taking. But I believe that something good is waiting for us on this adventure, something that maybe will allow me to either pay back or pay forward everyone’s kindness.

And so … off we go!


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