ChipIn to help Bandit go to BlogPaws

Bandit created a ChipIn page to help raise money to pay for our trip to BlogPaws. This isn't a running total; click the image to go to his page to donate or see current totals.

I generally don’t like taking money from people. When I owned my tea shop (Elizabeth’s Tea Emporium) I often gave away more tea than I sold. Which is why I’ll never own another retail business.

So when people have been offering me money to help pay for my upcoming trip with Bandit to BlogPaws, I’ve turned it down. Well, today I got the total for repairs to the dogmobile so we can travel safely, and … er … OK. I’m open to donations.

I can fly and not take the dog, which obviously will cut way down on costs because my wonderful brother-in-law the pilot gave me a buddy pass to fly for free. But I think it’ll be a great experience for both me and Bandit to go on this trip, and I know readers are looking forward to hearing about it. Plus, if this works, I have another trip in mind: Las Vegas in September for the SuperZoo pet expo, maybe?

So … if you were thinking about chipping in $5 for Bandit to go to BlogPaws, he has created a ChipIn page where you can do that. We’ll give you a very public thank you and lots of hugs, love and gratitude!


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