If I was a shoe hound, Kobi Levi would be my favorite designer

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not fashionista. I sit at a computer all day, usually in my pajamas. So fashionable clothes and shoes aren’t high on my priority list.

But sometimes I come across something that makes me wish I was a little more … er … image conscious? Because these are some barking (and meowing) cool shoes:

Miao shoes by Kobi Levi

At first glance, I thought they were dog-themed, but they’re actually cat-themed. And don’t you love the little paw prints on the soles?

Often when photos like this float around the internet, the designer or artist is forgotten about. So I found his blog and wanted to share it with you. The shoes are designed by Kobi Levi, and his blog shows some other great designs. Some are naughty( the XXX series) but are all super clever, including:

Dog 2010, by Kobi LeviToucan 2011, by Kobi Levi