Bailey visits the holistic vet

Bailey has mild to moderate hip dysplasia; one side is worse than the other but I can't for the life of me remember which one.

Today was Bailey’s appointment with Dr. Hall, the holistic vet that Scout sees. We wanted to see what Dr. Hall had to say regarding Bailey’s constant urinary tract infections and her hip dysplasia.

Scout loves to see Dr. Hall. He’s happy and calm and playful. Bailey was her usual self – barking, barking, barking, barking, BARKING. She did calm down while we waited in the room. We practiced some training and she ate several handfuls of biscuits. And she did keep the  barking to a minimum. 

And oddly enough, she let Dr. Hall examine her, which surprised me. I guess by then she knew the biscuits were coming. She even let Dr. Hall touch her back end, which usually earns me a growl or snap.

The verdict: Bailey is “hot”. I don’t really understand what that means, but the symptoms were all right on: foul-smelling barf, excitability, crankiness, bossy-ness with the other dogs, a thready pulse, red tongue, kidney problems, stiff joints and a warm body. Literally. When you touch her, Bailey’s body is hot.

Dr. Hall didn’t think acupuncture was a good idea right now, because she thought that while Bailey might enjoy the benefits, the actual process of the needles might be extremely unpleasant for her. So we’re doing an herbal compound that will address “the tonification of Kidney Yin and Qi and the elimination of Wind-Damp.” In Western medicine, it helps with arthritis, chronic joint pain, hip dysplasia, etc. She also suggested we consider checking out Thera-Vet for some rehab to strengthen her muscles and help stabilize her hips.

Right now, Senorita Puppy Dog is sound asleep at my feet, as are Scout and Bandit. It’s pouring rain and thundering, which means it’s Sleepy Nap Time for everyone. I’ll keep you posted on Bailey’s progress!


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