For once, all’s well at the Funny Farm … or maybe it’s the calm before a storm?

I’m almost afraid to say this out loud, for fear of jinxing the relative animal calm that has descended on us this week. But believe it or not, no one is sick at The Funny Farm.

Excuse me while I go knock on some wood.

Scout, while still dealing with cancer, is doing great. Eating, playing, acting like his normal self.

Bailey’s latest urine culture came back negative, so after more than four months fighting a urinary tract infection, she’s fine. And despite a little bout of barfing and diarrhea this week, she’s clearly feeling much better, as you can see from her video. (She learned how to play ball from her big brother Scout.) 

Bandit is … well, Bandit.

Murphy caught a bat this week, and apparently was none the worse for the wear from that little adventure.

The chickens’ latest stool sample came back with no parasites, so we’re cleared to eat eggs again – after maybe six months of treatment.

In other words … outside of the appointment we have with Dr. Hall next week to discuss managing Bailey’s pain from hip dysplasia, no one needs to go to the vet.

Mark it on the calendar, folks. It’s been a long time.


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