Daddy and Murphy whack a bat (no goggles required)


Yay for the hunting team of Daddy and Murphy the cat! When I was going up to bed, I heard a familiar screeching in the foyer and saw Murphy had trapped … well, I didn’t actually see what it was but I knew from experience that the screeching was a bat.


It’s been a long time since we’ve had a bat at the Funny Farm, at least that we know about. Darling husband didn’t know where he’d stashed his standard bat whacking uniform: gloves, a tennis racket, uniform from a county jail smuggled out by an inmate and given to David as a joke, and goggles.

But in bat whacking, time is of the essence, lest the critter escape inside one of the bedrooms and hides in the dark somewhere. Then no one sleeps for weeks. So in this case, there was no time to suit up. A badminton racket and a cat would have to do. Murphy had the bat cornered upstairs, so darling husband followed and after a few seconds of whacking (and pouncing by Murphy), the bat was dead.

Bat awaiting transport.

It is now in our freezer awaiting a trip to the county health dept, where they track whacked bats for rabies.

Ta da! Just another day at the Funny Farm.


2 responses to “Daddy and Murphy whack a bat (no goggles required)

  1. Don’t forget to let us know if the whacked bat had an attack of the rabies or just a bad case of the badminton racket. 😀

    • The county said that we didn’t need to turn in the bat since no one was bit and the cat was up to date on his shots. They only get concerned if you’re asleep and wake up to a bat in your room, if there’s a bat found alive in a room with a sleeping baby or sick person. That’s how Cassie ended up having to get a rabies series of shots years ago. As a kid, there was a screeching bat in her room, woke us all up, and David killed the bat and we didn’t take it to the health dept. Since they couldn’t test it, and because a bat bit is almost totally invisible to the naked eye, rabies shots for Cassie!

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