Scout, two months post diagnosis

Yesterday was a brilliantly wonderful day here at The Funny Farm: Scout had a follow up appointment with Dr. Hall and the outcome was lovely. Lovely!

We’re two months post cancer diagnosis, when the canine oncologist basically gave Scout 30 days to live without chemo. As you know, for a variety of reasons we opted for prednisone and alternative therapy with Dr. Kathleen Hall at Suburban Animal Hospital. My hope was that if  Scout only had 30 days, they would have 30 good days. Anything beyond that would be a blessing.

That was two months ago, and after our appointment with Dr. Hall yesterday, it’s looking like he may be here for another month or two … or more.

First of all, Scout’s gained 7 lbs. since he saw Dr. Hall on June 8. One of her concerns at the time was that dogs with cancer in their intestinal tract have difficulty keeping on weight with the low carb diet. So that was one big hurdle overcome.

She also was pleasantly surprised at his coloring; prednisone can make him hot, and cause excess panting, dry mouth, cracked tongue, etc. But he looks wonderful. His tongue is a lovely pink (not red), she said he looked happy, and his body condition was perfect. I’m sure she could still feel his enlarged spleen and nodes, but his weight was good, his attitude was good. She said she wasn’t expecting him to be doing so well.

She didn’t make any changes and told us she wanted to see him in two months. Two months!

She said that obviously things can always take a turn for the worse in an instant, so if there are problems to let her know right away and we can adjust his meds or herbs. But she didn’t see anything that would make her think he wouldn’t be here in two months.

We also talked about how I’ve kind of decided to pretend like he’s not sick. We treat his meds like treats, and have stopped talking about it or crying about it. (Although I do have moments.) She said that a positive outlook is probably a big part of his remaining stable and happy.

It doesn’t hurt that Scout loves Dr. Hall. When we go there, he and I sit in a a huge examining room that has a rug (to keep his feet from slipping) and lots of light and space, and we play bubbles until Dr Hall comes in. When she does, he goes right to her, licks her and then rolls over and wiggles. That just doesn’t happen at the vet. She says the room has “good chi.” I just think she’s super nice and Scout knows it.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers for my pup – he’s doing well! I’ll keep you posted!


5 responses to “Scout, two months post diagnosis

  1. He sure looks healthy to me! What your doing is working.

  2. Yay!! Such great news!! I hope he continues to be happy and healthy 🙂

  3. I know, I’m so happy! When we opted for no chemo, my goal was to make his last month comfortable. I had no idea we’d actually be treating his cancer. It’s still there, obviously, and I think the tumors may be getting a bit bigger, but he’s keep on weight and staying active.

    We’re doing prednisone and a course of Chinese herbs. I honestly didn’t think it would work but I’m so amazed. And I LOVE this doctor. 🙂

  4. Joanne, what wonderful news! I have hoped that Scout would defy the odds.

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