I go to a new magazine meeting and I don’t even break anything! (But I do use up all of my words & spill something)

I went to a meeting tonight for a new magazine starting in Rochester  – ooo, I’m so excited! It’s Rochester Animal Magazine! And I’ve been asked to do some writing!

The meeting tonight was to talk about the first issue, hand out story assignments, and get the ball rolling. These are professional people who know their stuff; it’s the same publisher that does Rochester Women Magazine.

I tried to be on my best behavior. Honest, I did. But as you know, I rarely go out in public when I don’t: a) hurt myself; b) embarrass myself; c) talk too much; or d) all of the above.

The meeting was held at A Barker’s Dozen, a dog barkery in Webster. Super cool place. But it’s  not a huge place; there were maybe a dozen people there so we settled in around two small tables and squeezed in some chairs. When I sat down on a bench that was in front of a bookcase, Gabriella, who owns the barkery, said, “Just don’t spill the water.”

Water? Water? What water? I thought there might be a bowl of dog water under the bench for her dog Andrea. So I watched where I put my feet and sat down.

About half hour into the meeting, someone noticed that there was a huge river of water running across the floor. Did Andrea the dog pee? Nope. Was the air conditioning leaking? Nope. When Joanne sat down she knocked over the vase of flowers that were on the bench.

Oh, that water! Me and my big butt.

At least I didn’t break anything. I’ve been on a streak this week: four glasses and a bowl. Plus Bailey broke a bowl today. Given the amount of glass (bakery cases) there was potential for some serious damage. People, this is the reason I don’t go out very often.

Well, that and my big mouth.

I read somewhere that women use about 40,000 words a day. Since I’m at home alone most of the time, I save up my words and then, when I go out in public, I use them up. That means that I have a huge store of words, so whenever I open my mouth, words fall out, usually in no particular order and without a filter. And today was no exception.

Fortunately, the meeting was wrapping up just as I was warming up, so I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much. But I still have a bank of works that I need to use. (Happy hour, anyone?)

You can learn more about Rochester Animal Magazine on their website. For the inaugural issue, I’ll be doing a cover story on a local celeb and her pets, and Bandit may even make his magazine debut! This is a super high quality magazine done by folks who are experienced professionals. If you’re interested in advertising, check out the magazine’s media kit.


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