Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the dorkiest of all?

I'm definitely not as cool as I look like I think I am in this picture from 2008.

So my editor at Beliefnet wants me to send a photo for the new header they’re doing for the Gospel Soundcheck blog.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I have gone back to blogging about Christian music at Beliefnet, after a hiatus of about 8 months. A year or so ago, the company was sold, and in the time I was away they’ve changed the blogging platform and given the blogs a nice little facelift.

So now it’s time for mine to get prettied up.

On a positive note, we’ve changed the tagline from something about being a backstage pass to  your favorite Christian music artists to “where Christian music meets the world.” Which really better reflects the direction I want to go. “Not so snarky anymore” didn’t seem quite so professional. Or realistic. (I’m trying, honest I am.)

But a photo? Seriously? Who needs to see my face on the blog?

When we first did the blog header back in 2008, I sent along a few snapshots I took using my camera and the timer feature. I don’t like seeing pictures of myself, and the one they picked to use I should never have sent. I look like I think I’m hip and cool, which I most definitely am not.

And one of the first readers to leave a comment on the blog said I was fat. So I don’t have any warm attachments to that picture. But trying to replace it isn’t going to be easy.

Not only am I … wait, let me count it out … 2008 … 2009 … 2010 … 2011 … that many years older, I also weigh a little more. And every picture I take using my camera or webcam looks ridiculous.

Plus, and this is going to be the most difficult, my editor said I can’t have any dogs in the photo. What?! All I have are pictures of the dogs. How about chickens? Or a duck?

Me and my snuggle duck.

Maybe I could wear a hat. I look good in hats.

Looks like rain!

I got a couple of OK pics from the webcam but the quality isn’t that great. The quality with my regular camera is super, but the pictures are stupid. That’s because the fuzzier the photo is, the better I look.

The webcam photos are ... eh, so so.


The fuzzier the photo, the better I look

Maybe they should use this school photo from my elementary school days. It is one of my favorites, after all.

When I look in the mirror, this is who I see!


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