CBS Sunday Morning’s Faith Salie, “Not A Pet Person” (video)

This morning CBS Sunday Morning did a show of reruns of pieces they’ve done on pets, from Dean Koontz’s book “A Bit Little Life” to Alexandra Horowitz’s “Inside A Dog” to Bill Geist at a fish show to Austin, TX and their bats.

Tucked in there was a commentary from Faith Salie about not being a pet person. I’ve only seen her commentaries a few times, and every time I think, “Good grief, she may be the most annoying person on the planet.” Well, with today’s commentary, she solidified that honor.

So she’s not a pet person. Good for her. But she’s such a … well, you know … about it that it’s probably a good thing. I mean, would you trust your dog to a woman this bitter?

(PS: just to clarify, Faith, your pets don’t give you the plague. Fleas spread the plague. And you can get bit by a flea even if you don’t own a pet.)

4 responses to “CBS Sunday Morning’s Faith Salie, “Not A Pet Person” (video)

  1. Plus, the fleas that caused the plague were carried by rats. Not pet rats, rats.

    Rats that would have been killed by pet cats and pet ratter dogs like terriers.

    Makes me not miss avoiding TV news for the last thirty years or so.

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  3. Good point, Oldcat!!

  4. She is absolutely correct…pets are fine, but when they are put ABOVE people…well, those individuals have no clue how ridiculous they appear to the rest of us (us being normal people who appreciate but don’t fixate on our pets). My neighbor actually said the other night “I love my son, but I REALLY love my dog…” Really? Sad…and crazy!

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