Katy Perry on her gospel start, her music, and more on CBS Sunday Morning (video)

Back when I was writing the Gospel Soundcheck blog for Beliefnet, I wrote a story about Katy Perry and her gospel album. At the time, it wasn’t a fact much in the media, and since I was just starting to write the blog (in 2008) I needed a story that would grab page views … er, I mean readers.

Did it ever. That story even got me an interview request from a very popular entertainment show who wanted me to talk about Katy Perry and her faith. I declined; I don’t know Katy Perry or anything about her faith. But I knew Christian music. At least, Christian music in 2008.

Anyway, over the two years I wrote the  blog, I got to learn more about Katy Perry and sit in on a publicity teleconference. And I fell in love.

Sure, her music is a little edgy; hearing 5-year-olds on the playground singing “I Kissed A Girl” is a little weird. But Katy Perry is so darn likable it’s hard to judge her for making super catchy songs. (Go ahead, try and get that little ditty out of your head.)

Besides, she doesn’t seem to me to be an opportunist. She’s an artist with a super quirky personality, a super supportive family, lots of talent, and a marketable … well, everything. All celebs do the same thing; she’s just more honest about it.

You can check out my post about Katy Perry on the Gospel Soundcheck.
(UPDATE: I stopped writing that blog years ago … )


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