Scout, a month post-cancer diagnosis

Scout, a month post-cancer diagnosis, romping it up with Bandit and Bailey

On May 24, Scout saw the oncologist about his lymphoma, and we were told that if we didn’t treat with chemo she gave him 30 days.

On May 25, we opted not to pursue chemo, put Scout on prednisone and hoped for the best.

On June 8, we saw the holistic doctor, who put Scout on some herbal supplements, increased his food and protein, added fish oil to his diet, and told me that there are things we can do to help him live comfortably for as long as he’s supposed to live.

So today, June 27, I took Scout to Dr H for a follow up (Bailey had to see the doctor for this persistant UTI). Scout weighs 42.2#, up from 39# when he saw the oncologist. She said his lymph nodes don’t seem too enlarged, probably a result of the steroids, but that he seems for the most part pretty normal. We agreed that we’re both in denial.

I was reading a few weeks ago about how holistic doctors treat the dog physically, spiritually and emotionally, and at that time I made a decision to treat Scout like he wasn’t dying. He plays, he eats well, he romps with Bandit and Bailey. I hope that’s part of what’s keeping him healthy.

So we’ve surpassed the 30 day deadline and from all accounts Scout is still going strong.


4 responses to “Scout, a month post-cancer diagnosis

  1. Yay Scout! And good for you for staying positive and trying other options, it’s so hard to make these kinds of decisions for our babies. I truly hope that things continue to look up and you can enjoy every moment with Scout!

  2. Happy News! Congratulations too!

  3. Makes the heart skip and jump and shout hoorrayyyyy! Awesome Scout. : ) Keep putting one paw in front of the other. : )

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