And now for a quick “behind the scenes” peek at life at the Funny Farm – Doh!

This afternoon, I took my laptop into my office to print something. I hooked it up to the printer, and while it was running decided to make a cup of tea.

While the tea was brewing, I took the dogs out for a quick romp. When I came inside, I remembered that I needed to put the clothes in the dryer so went into the basement. The dogs went upstairs. On my way back upstairs, I saw that the cat’s litter box needed scooping. I scooped, and took the bag outside, dogs trailing behind.

Back into the house I went, dogs in tow, to wash my hands and reheat my tea. Then I headed to the dining room to finish a blog post.

Imagine my shock to find that big blank space on my dining room table where my laptop normally sits! OMG! Did Murphy knock it onto the floor? Nope. The cords were there, but no laptop.

OMG, someone must have come into the house and stolen my laptop while I was outside with the dogs! Panic set in. Did they take anything else? Where’s my purse? Panic! Did they take my purse? More panic!

Then I spied my purse on the kitchen counter. As I walked into the kitchen, I passed my office door. And there was my laptop, humming away happily.



2 responses to “And now for a quick “behind the scenes” peek at life at the Funny Farm – Doh!

  1. This sounds like my life! We have so much going on in our lives that we are bound to lose track of something sooner or later. Great post : )

  2. You and I are WAY too much alike!

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