Dear N/A

I got a press release today, and like many of the correspondence I get from publicists, it was addressed to me specifically, probably using an automated system.

This release began, “Dear N/A”.

Obviously the firm didn’t have my name, so put “N/A” in the name field of their database. I have had releases addressed to me as ? or in some cases there’s nothing at all when they don’t know my name. The letter just reads “Dear    “.

I’m happy being “?”, because that translates to “I know you exist but I just don’t know you”. And a blank is just another way to say “Sorry, we don’t know your name and don’t have time to find out what it is.”

But “N/A” just seems more like, “We don’t care what your name is because you don’t matter.”

Which is how I feel sometimes. I’ve always written those moods off to hormones or too much wine the night before. But gee, maybe this PR firm knows something I don’t? I guess it’s a good thing I got this part time job, since I have to wear a name tag. It says “Joanne.” Phew.


3 responses to “Dear N/A

  1. Wow! Uncool. But I have to admit, your take on it had me laughing. Great spin on something that should be fixed! : )

  2. I thought it was hilarious when I read it, and I knew the publicist would be really sorry. But it did make me think … gee, am I missing something? LOL

  3. Brings a whole new level to having a “human” on the job as opposed to random technology. : )

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