Funny Farm Wine List: Trumpeter, an Argentinian Malbec

Trumpeter Malbac. It's what all the cool cats are drinking at the Funny Farm.

As you have probably guessed, when it comes to the finer things in life, I’m a bit of a hick. I am, after all, the woman who thinks wearing scrubs to work constitues business casual.

So you might find it funny that I occasionally drop into my local family-owned liquor store (in Country Club Plaza, Fairport Road) and pick out a new wine to try. Over the years, I’ve found a few wines I like and have bought regularly, but in the spirit of getting old, I’m getting more adventurous. (Maybe my year of adventure should have involved a new wine a month. I could stick to that schedule, I think.) I go into the store and tell the sales person to suggest a wine under $15 or $20. (During the holidays, I had quite an adventure sampling spirits and am now hooked on Gran Marnier. Maybe I’m not quite so unsophisticated after all.)

Some wines I’ve liked and tried again – Mark West Pinot Noir, for example, or a lovely Primativo I can’t find again. Some, not so much; I didn’t even get through the whole bottle of a red wine called Lab from Portugal. It was a little bitter for me, with a slightly bug-spray aftertaste. (Don’t you like my professional wine terms?)

So on tonight’s Funny Farm wine adventure list: Trumpeter, a Malbec from Rutini Wines in Argentina.

Julie, the salesperson who helped me tonight, asked me how I felt about Malbecs. Never heard of them, I said. So she suggested Punto Final, another Malbec from Argentina that she really likes. I also got the Trumpeter because she said she’d heard it was good and it was on sale. I figure if you’re going to try something new, jump in with both feet. Or at least one glass for each hand. We’ll try the Trumpeter tonight, and the Punto Final tomorrow.

So far, so good. It’s a lovely shade of purpley-red, not too sweet, not too bitter, and nice and smooth. It goes  lovely with popcorn fresh from the air popper (topped with butter), especially the kernels that Bandit has slobbered all over.

Trumpeter – goes lovely with popcorn and dog spit.


2 responses to “Funny Farm Wine List: Trumpeter, an Argentinian Malbec

  1. I fear you may have missed your calling in advertising! : )

  2. LOL promotions is one of my specialities!

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