Why I couldn’t go back to school

I’ve said many times over the last year that if I was younger and richer, I’d go back to school and study animal behavior. Since I am … err … past middle age … and I have vet bills I’ll be paying off for years, I embarked on a course of independent study that includes books on dog behavior, training, communication, etc and builds on what I’ve been reading over the last year just for fun. I’ve also talked to a dog trainer about apprenticing (although I need to get settled into this new part time job and get Scout comfortable first).

But I’ve added another reason why I couldn’t get a graduate degree in animal behavior: I’m not smart enough. No, I’m smart, and literate, and curious. But I know my limits. There’s a reason why in college, when I tried to double major in Communications/Journalism and Psychology, I had to, in the end, graduate with just a Communications/Journalism degree. I couldn’t pass Statistics.

Couldn’t pass, couldn’t understand anything about the class. I don’t even know if I understood what days the class met. (I signed up and dropped the class twice. The second time the teacher asked me why I was never in class. As far as I knew, I’d been there every class. Either I was invisible, or truly stupid.)

And I’m reminded of all of this while reading “Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog”, the classic study by Scott and Fuller on how genetics and heredity affect dog behavior. It’s very interesting. But I’m at the part of the book where they’re talking about their statistical findings.

This kind of stuff, I understand:

But does any of this make sense to you (if it was in Chinese I think I could understand it better):

I’m bad enough at math, but math that doesn’t use any numbers?

And so I don’t feel so badly that I’m not able to further my official education in an official capacity. I’d only have to drop Statistics again. This way, I can simply put this book down for a while and move on to another topic. I wonder if Dr. Suess wrote any books on dog behavior? (Where did I put my copy of “Go Dog Go”?)


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