It’s a water dog kind of day

Bandit playing in the sprinkler - also known as the "automatic water dogger."

It’s been a great day here at the Funny Farm. We played water dog this morning and no one was overly muddy. (Good grief, I love my new grass.) We took a super long nap when it looked like it might rain. (Which it didn’t.) My neighbor brought me over dinner last night, which I had tonight. (Thank you Anna!) And now David is cleaning the chicken coop while the dogs play in the sprinkler in the dwindling sunlight and Murphy and I snuggle at the kitchen table. (I wish I knew how to purr.)

Scout seems great; his poop is much better, he’s had an active, fun day. Tomorrow we see the canine oncologist and talk treatment and prognosis. If today was his last day, I think he’d leave this world one happy puppy. Water dog  can do that you you.


2 responses to “It’s a water dog kind of day

  1. Sounds like a fun and adventure filled day. Playing in the water is always good for the soul. : )

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