Meet Dan and Liz, and their life of “Controlled Chaos”

My friend Dan and his wife Liz are off to visit a child they’ll be adopting soon. His name is Shea. Shea will be the third adopted child for the Kulps; their first two, Simon and Danielle, we both adopted from China and both have special needs. Simon has Downs Syndrome, Danielle was thought to have Downs but was later diagnosed with a rare condition called Alfie’s syndrome.

Dan and Liz are exceptional people committed to giving loving homes to special needs children, so I’m sure Shea comes with a history that fits right in with the Kulp’s mission from God. Not to mention that Liz is pregnant, with what she refers to as their “belly baby.” Talk about having your hands full.

Dan is a musician/youth leader/stand up comic who travels the country telling jokes and making people aware of special needs kids (and Jesus). Liz is a physical therapist, and she keeps a blog about their family. If you get a chance, head over to her blog, Controlled Chaos, and check out the pics of their family. Dan has an incredible story – he had a brother with Downs Syndrome, and his parents then went on to adopt several more children with Downs.

I really believe that God gifts us in ways that allow us to handle tasks that only He can do, and that we all have a job which He specifically calls us to. Dan and Liz have found their calling, and change the world one special needs child at a time. I hope their story inspires you as much as it inspires me!


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