Quirky, dog-loving writer looking for part time job

Three dogs is a full time job. But I need a part time job to pay their bills.

It’s true: I’m looking for a part time job. Sure, writing pays. A little. But when I decided to veer from covering Christian music, my monthly income went to … well, nothing.  I expected to replace it with other writing jobs but with three dogs who are constantly vying for my attention (and not to mention repeated visits to the vet) I haven’t had much time to write or look for new writing gigs. (I do have places that will take my writing, but they’re all freebies. Which I definitely don’t mind, especially when I’m breaking in to a new genre. But I do have bills to pay.)

My husband (and my mother and my daughter and my friends) think it would be good for me to get out of the house anyway, so I started looking for a part time job. I’ve applied at a local animal hospital (not the one we use; they’re sick of me), and I have a short list of doggie day cares I’ll send apps to.

They are still looking to fill a part time position at the shelter where I volunteer, but because I don’t live in the city of Rochester, I’m not eligible to apply. Which is a bummer, because I love what I do there, love the people I work with, and I already know 75% of the job.

My ideal job would be 2 or 3 days or evenings a week, answering phones, manning a reception desk, assisting someone doing something interesting.  (If I could bring a dog with me, I’d be in heaven.) Something where I have to actually get dressed, but not in stockings and heels, if you know what I mean. I’m qualified for an actual job doing something that uses my brain – I do have experience in marketing, promotions, etc. But I’m not looking for a career. I have some vet bills to pay, and if I could make enough to cover David’s truck payment and start having my grey roots professionally covered again, I’d be a very happy camper.

Because of my interest in dog behavior, a job working at an animal hospital, dog facility, or something like that would be ducky. Because of my interest in crime and investigation, a  job working for a private detective or the like would also be ducky. (I wonder: are there any private detectives who investigate dog crimes? Because that would be the ultimate, eh?)

Anyway, my goals are few. Make a few bucks, learn about dogs, and get some writing ideas. Because if I can rebuild some writing income then I can go back to … well, spending my days in my jammies pecking away at the keyboard. (But that only works if the dogs cooperate.)


2 responses to “Quirky, dog-loving writer looking for part time job

  1. Demo jobs in pet stores, grocery stores, etc. are on the rise and the pay is $10-$20 an hour just talking to people; sure you have to sell too; go to sunflowerstaffing.com or http://www.corausa.com; there’s many more companies out there too. Good luck and God Bless!

  2. Ooo! That’s a GREAT suggestion!! Thanks!

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