IBD, coughing, and grass – an update from The Funny Farm

It's almost time for summer fun at The Funny Farm. We'll have grass by this weekend.


I’ve been posting updates about the dogs on my Facebook, but an update that should catch readers up on everyone:


As some of you may know, Scout has been sick for a while. He’s always had weird poop, but since the end of March he’s had diarrhea and blood in his stool, and despite meds he’s not gotten any better. We did blood work a week or so ago and it showed Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). That explained a lot. So he’s on a different food and continuing the meds, but he’s not gotten any better in the last week. While it is possible that he does have IBD – it would explain years of minor problems – this latest bout is far worse. Ironically, it coincides with the marrow bone problem that caused all of the dogs to have diarrhea and Scout to barf like crazy. So on Saturday, he’s going in for an ultrasound to rule out something stuck in his intestines, tumors or polyps, or something worse. If need be, he may have to also have an endoscopy so they can biopsy to see if he has lymphoma.

It doesn’t end there. Yesterday afternoon, he somehow injured his back right leg. We all were outside playing when I noticed Bailey was chewing on the tulips. So I picked all of the flowers, walked into the house and put them in a vase, and came outside to find the three dogs just standing calmly, Scout holding his back right leg up. He hopped into the house on three legs and has been favoring it every since. He hurt his hip last fall, when he slid on wet leaves on the driveway, and for now we’re just resting. He doesn’t seem to be in pain – he’s trotting around the back yard and only occasionally seems to remember his leg hurts. But it’s one thing after another with these dogs.


Bailey is being treated for a urinary tract infection. For a couple of months David has been saying that when he takes her out she tries to pee but doesnt really go, and then sometimes she goes a lot. The vet did test her urine a couple of weeks ago and it was fine. But apparently she developed this pretty quick. She’s happily on the  mend. She is also doing well after her little leg accident a few weeks ago that had her in a lovely wrap, on pain medicine, and on “bed rest”. She’s romping with the big boys like nothing ever happened.


Bandit has been busy teaching  Bailey all of his tricks, and this week she has mastered the art of counter surfing. Great. Bandit got a nice walk on the canal today. I forget that I can go to Fairport and walk from there; I usually drive all the way to Pittsford so unless I feel like battling traffic and people I skip it. This week, though, just for fun, I tried taking all three dogs for a little outing on the canal. It was a short trip; Bandit taught Bailey to drink from the dog water fountain, and I learned that Bailey couldn’t care less about bikes or strollers, but really wants to see the other dogs. Bandit loves to walk, sniff and pee, and Scout? Well, he’s OK for about 5 minutes and then he wants to go home. So today’s walk was a nice treat for Bandit. If I wasn’t coughing so much, I’d have taken him for a longer walk.


Murphy has completely recovered from his dental surgery and is back to his happy, snuggly self. But he still has some poodle paws.


Hallelujah and amen! The birds are no longer bald! I still need to do another roundworm treatment, but something has already worked. The girls have actually grown in feathers and  no one has any bald spots on their backs. Phew.


I’m still battling a cough, after more than a month. I hate the cough medicine the dr prescribed so I didn’t get it filled, but today I caved. Guess what? When you take cough medicine, you stop coughing.


Poor Daddy. I’ve forced him to take care of the grass and on Saturday … ta da! The sod is coming! We’ll have a lawn this weekend! It cuts into his truck washing time, but he’s such a good husband he’s not even complaining.

So that’s the news from The Funny Farm. I’ll keep you posted on Scout; I’m worried about the worst case scenerio, obviously, but there is still a chance it could just be IBD or even a piece of marrow bone stuck in his intestines. So let’s pray for the best.


2 responses to “IBD, coughing, and grass – an update from The Funny Farm

  1. Bat Cave Twidget

    Scout’s problems sound like my previous dog’s problems which were misdiagnosed as IBD, IBS, garbage gut, you name it. It turned out to be Addison’s Disease. So if the IBD doesn’t get better with diet and meds I’d suggest testing for Addisons. Good luck!

    • We’ve had blood work done that showed IBD and is consistent with his long term symptoms. But he’s got something a little newer going on the last 6wks that maybe a worse problem, so on Sat he goes for an ultrasound that’ll show us more. I’ll keep you posted!!

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