Day 8 of 31 Days of Thank You

I confess: I haven’t necessarily done a thank you ever day. I have sent a few notes; I’m only one or two  behind. Today, though, I did something different. I gave a personal “thank you.”

I spent about an hour wandering around Walmart today. I went in for a new dog bowl, and came out with … well, stuff I wanted but didn’t really need. But it was a nice hour with no dogs and racks of clearance clothing.

My cashier was named Sheree, and she was very sweet, chatty and efficient. She didn’t do anything unusual, she was just very pleasant, paid attention to me rather than chatting with other cashiers, and just made checking out nice. So when I was finished, I went right over to the Customer Service counter to let the manager know that Sheree had done a great job.

The manager was helping someone, so the Customer Service rep said either she could pass on my comment or I could tell him myself – but that she knew the compliment always meant more when the customer said it. No problem, I would wait.

The manager was waiting on a couple who clearly had had problems with their cashier. In fact, when the woman overheard what I was waiting for, she said, “We definitely did not have a good experience with our cashier. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a good experience with a cashier in this store.”

My reply? “That’s why it’s so important that when you do have a good experience, you let them know.”

She nodded and said that she’d never thought about that, but I was right. The other Customer Service rep nodded, too. They get complaints all day, so when I did have my turn with the manager, and I said, “I just want you to know that Sheree on line 8 did a great job today, and whatever you need to do to give her a gold star to two thumbs up, please do”, the manager thanked me repeatedly for taking time to compliment his cashier.

I could have just left the store and sent an email to the manager, and when I saw how long I was going to have to wait I contemplated doing just that. But the truth is that my taking time to wait in line to talk to the manager had a positive effect on the other people in line, the other employees, and even me. It was worth it to give a little  “positive energy” to everyone.

So how about you? In this 31 Days of Thank You, consider taking a moment to tell a manager what a great job one of his/her employees did. They probably don’t hear that often enough, and you’ll all feel better for it!


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