Mommy knows how to get a job done

The dogs helping darling husband get the yard ready for sod.

Back in March, I informed darling husband that I was doing to order the sod for the yard, and that the only thing I needed from him was to get me a load of topsoil. That, of course, started a discussion about how I couldn’t just put down top soil, that I needed to prepare the yard and fertilize and blah blah blah. The end result was that darling husband took over the job.
The goal was to have the grass in by the end of April, so that it would have time to settle before we got into dog romping season. But as you can guess, other things got in the way. The truck needed to have the shocks replaced before the warranty ran out, taking up his only day off. Bailey hurt her leg. Darling husband needed more time to overplan.
So this week, I informed darling husband again that I was going to order the sod, top soil or no top soil, and that I was going to put it down and hope for the best. Which spurred him to go out last night and turn some soil (see, we don’t need as much top soil as he thought!) and to go to the garden center to find out when we could have the sod delivered. We may have grass by next week.
Darling husband often overdoes a job – he’s a bit of  perfectionist, so he tends to over plan, over prepare, and over do. The benefit of that is that the job will be done right, whereas I do things half-assed and with half-effort. If I even hint that I’m going to do something, he’ll jump in to take over.
See, I know how to get a job done.

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