31 Days of Thank You – Day 2

Yesterday was the start of my project for the month of May, 31 Days of Thank You. The idea is to send a note of thanks for encouragement every day for the entire month.

Today is day 2, and let’s be honest: I’m already behind. I have plans yesterday to write a note, and in my head, I wrote it.  But when I got in bed I realized that 1) I still hadn’t pulled out my notecards (although I did look at some to purchase yesterday at Wegmans, although I didn’t); and 2) I was too lazy to get up. I did, however, have David get me a book of stamps yesterday.

I used to be very cranky and bitchy when I was younger. And then I really softened up and as an adult have felt a lot more loving and caring. I take no credit for the change; it comes from knowing Jesus. Over the last few years, though, I’ve become quite isolated from people (that’s a whole story in itself). I interact so infrequently that there’s not much to be grateful or ungrateful for. Things just … are. Not good, not bad, just there.

So today, I double my efforts to be thankful, and understand that there’s a lesson to be learned. Gratitude takes a effort.


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