Puppy love

Bandit and Bailey take a nap in the sun.

For a while after Bailey came to live with us, there was a lot of wrestling and playing and jostling for power here at the funny farm. But lately, things have calmed down to the point where I think the dogs have settled their differences and are happily cohabitating.
It was never very rough; not like when Bandit came and he took over the house like a tasmanian devil. This time we had lots of play wrestling, and Bandit did act pretty wonky for a week or so.
I’m not sure which dog is in charge, to be honest. The power change was silent. But Bandit has started eating again and is back to napping on the couch with me. Bailey still kicks him out of the dog bed in the living room, but she’s just as happy to snuggle up with him as make him leave.
Scout, on the other hand, has gotten bolder. He’s clearly defined his space in my office, and if he wants his dog cave he can have it. He needed to get a little more courage; it’s nice to see him hanging with the rest of the pack instead of always hiding under my desk.
Having three dogs has turned out to be a very interesting study in pack behavior.

3 responses to “Puppy love

  1. We canines aren’t so different than you humans. Have you ever observed the behavior of a bunch of neighbor ladies at a bridge table? Now there’s a power struggle! And pack behavior if the conversation turns to someone who isn’t rhere.

  2. Hi! Just discovered your blog and subscribed!
    You must be enjoying observing those dogs together! We had two dogs and the little rescue pup Kelly decided that she was the boss. It was cute to watch her “direct” our older yellow lab. Now it is just Kelly. I’d love to add another dog to the family again, but Kelly thinks she should be the only one.

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