A Funny Farm update

A moment of silence for Mimi the chicken.

I noticed today that it’s been a while since I’ve updated the Funny Farm blog. That’s because I’ve had my hands full with the pets.

Where to start.

 A month or so ago it came to my attention that under all of those fluffy feathers several of the hens had pecked themselves raw. Mimi’s skin had become infected to the point of necrosis. That’s what happens when you have several months of freezing weather and a backyard chicken farmer too lazy to pick up every chicken and inspect it regularly.

So Mimi went to the vet for a check up, and we agreed she was too far gone. (Unless, of course, we wanted to spend about $500 so they could put the chicken under general anesthesia, remove all of the dead tissue, keep her at the vet’s while they gave her IV fluids and antibiotics, and then hope for the best.)

A moment of silence for Mimi, please.

Long story short, the birds have been treated with antibiotics to treat any other hens with skin infections; they’ve had a good mite dusting; and now they’re being treated for roundworm, which is likely the root cause of all of this mess.

On the good side, the hens with bald spots (which is all of them) are actually growing new feathers, and things are starting to look up. Keep your paws and beaks crossed; there’s a slight chance that Aunt Bea and Gidget may have to join Mimi in God’s chicken coop if their wounds don’t heal.

Bailey the foster puppy. Has she already found her "furever" home?

On another note, that foster puppy we took in temporarily is still here. Surprised? We go to the town next week to see if they’ll give us permission to have another dog indefinitely. If so, we can take as long as we need to find her the right home. There have been some applications, but none that meet the rescue’s requirements.

It’s going to be tough to find a home that’s better suited than ours. Fenced yard, Mommy home all day, two big brothers who have settled in with their little sister puppy. And a super dog savvy cat who likes the puppy, even when she’s mauling him.

Other than that, it’s just been dogs, dogs, and more dogs, all on the BarkAroundTown.com blog.

So there you go. Update on the Funny Farm. I’m still half nuts and the animals are running the show.


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