Reading the Bible in amazement

I was asked to participate this week in a blogger roundtable on Michael Card’s new book, Luke, The Gospel of Amazement. In the book, Card encourages readers to experience the Bible more deeply using what he calls “biblical imagination”.

We don’t read the Bible expecting to be amazed, do we? We’re surrounded by so many amazing things every day – electricity, indoor plumbing, organ transplants, space travel – that we’ve become immune to the concept. We treat the Scriptures like outdated literature, worth slogging through as part of our religion, but a text lacking in anything that would actually boggle our mind.

But what if you took the time to study more than just the words on the page? Took time to smell the smells and hear the sounds and feel the heat of the desert and the waves of the sea?

You can read my entire post on; I chose to explore Luke 2, and look at the events of the shepherds from their eyes. Truly amazing!

And you can check out all of the Patheos Book Club entries on the website.


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