It was madness today

It was madness today at the shelter. Total madness. From the moment the doors opened until closing time, it was non-stop telephone, adoptions, questions, and other Saturday activities that keep the place hopping.

I left completely drained, only to come to find some madness of my own.

I left Bailey in the crate, as usual, and per my daughter’s repeated suggestions, covered the crate with a blanket to give the pup that “cozy den” feeling. On top of the crate was a basket that held some towels and other extra things for the crate, some square pieces of wire snap-together shelving that I sometimes have to put together to keep Bailey out of areas of the living room, a pillow, and Bailey’s overnight bag.

This is what I came home to find:

She’d managed to pull the blanket off the crate onto the floor, toppling everything. Then she pulled the blanket into the crate. Then she tipped over her water bowl, pulled the potty pad around and crumbled it up, and then pooped in the crate and on her toys. She even managed to poop on a Nylabone and then somehow kick the bone out of the crate.

Needless to say, she’s not a happy camper in her crate.

For the next couple of hours, all three dogs were wound up to mach speed. There was wrestling and whining and barking. Bailey peed three times in 15 minutes. She pooped in the living room and started to eat it before I could pick it up. She also pooped in Bandit’s crate, which was a new trick even for her.

One of the dogs managed to cut or scrape themselves while outside playing; I found a few drops of blood in the snow. But neither Scout nor Bandit will let me examine their paws and everyone seems to be acting OK, so it might have been the remains of another hawk attack on the birdfeeder, although I didn’t find feathers. Then again, Bailey eats everything so she might have gotten to them first.

Either way, it’s been an exhausting day. Exhausting.

And now … Scout and Bandit are sound asleep together up in the spare room, Bailey is zonked out on the couch, and all is quiet. The tea kettle is boiling and I have a Pop Tart in the toaster oven and Hercule Poirot in the DVD player.


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