“Enjoy God/Coke” inspired fashion (if you can call it that)

Matthew Paul Turner, over at Jesus Needs New PR, posted a picture that made me look twice: a runway model sporting a  spandex mini-dress with a Coke knock-off “Enjoy God” message.

Ironic, isn’t it? Skimpy mini dress, Christian knock off on the trademarked slogan? Turner had the picture under the tongue-in-cheek headline, “Proof that Christians influence culture!”

The dress is by from designer Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2011 collection, which is clothing, I guess, in the sense that the outfits are made from some sort of material and people are wearing them on their bodies. Here’s another selection from the collection:

Scott told Style.com writer Matthew Schneier that fashion “shouldn’t be a church that you pray to”. Which, of course, makes the dresses completely hilarious, because they shove our noses right into our own stinking pile of Jesus junk commerce.

We wanted people wearing t-shirts with the Christian-inspired slogans we ripped off from popular products, like this one from Christian t Shirts Planet:

 Well, here you go, the message “Enjoy God”, on the runway for all the world to see. Doesn’t seem so holy anymore, does it?


4 responses to ““Enjoy God/Coke” inspired fashion (if you can call it that)

  1. Robert Echevarria

    This was a great find. I love the pic and the “jesus junk” comment.

  2. I NEED to get this Tank top…I am a christian woman who enjoys the “funner” side of worship…I hope Jesus does!!!!

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