They should spell it “puppee”

They look so innocent when they're sleeping.

It was once crazy  night last night at the Funny Farm. I went outside to move my car, and when I came inside realized one of the dogs had peed on the couch.

This is an old couch, so it’s covered with sheets and blankets that hide the stains and rips. The piddle didn’t soak into the actual sofa. I’d like to blame it on Bailey, since she was on the couch and pees every 8 or 9 seconds. But the trajectory of the wet stain suggests that, in fact, another dog could have done it. (You know who I mean; the ghost puppy.)

I pulled the blankets and pillows off of the couch and put them in the wash, and went up to bed. As I was arranging the bed, I noticed a definite smell of … dog pee. Rats. That was Bailey; she had been walking around on the bed that morning while I was changing the blankie in her crate. In fact, I had just changed the sheets on the bed before I changed the blankie in her crate.

I stripped the bed again, and lo and behold, discovered there were no clean replacement sheets or blankets. So off to the spare room I headed, with two dogs and a puppy in a cat carrier, off to the room with no heat and a single bed.

Normally, Bailey’s carrier is on the bed with me, and she sleeps quietly. Last night, though, she was on the floor and not happy about it. Scout slept on top of me (there’s not much room for one Mommy and one collie in a single bed), and Bandit wandered around the house all night. Upstairs, downstairs, bark!

Bailey howled the entire night.

This morning, we all dragged our weary tails downstairs to find that Murphy the cat had been walking on the counters all night, and had knocked over a jar that was on the windowsill, spilling nuts and bolts and other junk and sending shards of glass all over the kitchen.

While I was cleaning that up, Bailey pooped in the dining room. All before I’d had my first cup of tea.

Right now, at almost four in the afternoon, everyone is asleep. I think they’re recharging for whatever adventure they have planned for tonight. I’m sure it involves puppy pee.


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