Make a nice day

I was reading Brad Stine’s latest post on the “God’s Comic” blog at Beliefnet, and had to share it.

In it Brad muses about one of those American traditions – the saying “Have a  nice day!” He rants better than I can so read his post.

But he makes this comment at the end of the post: “On the other hand, if we encouraged each other to make a nice day, we just might be onto something.”

That got me thinking. As we go around telling everyone to “Have a nice day!” what are we doing to help make that happen? Did you hold open a door for someone? Return a shopping cart so it won’t ram into a car and leave a dent? Smile? Leave a penny? Let someone cut in traffic, or at least not use your horn when they do? Go out of your way for a stranger?

I like what Brad wrote. Don’t have a nice day – MAKE a nice day!


2 responses to “Make a nice day

  1. Robert Echevarria

    I really enjoy your blog. I came across it today as I was searching through WordPress blogs. Great job.

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